Unreal 4 Project

I’m working on an independent project on procedural shaders using primarily the Unreal Engine and Substance Designer. My goal is to focus on a natural but slightly surreal small environment.



Thumbnails for the key areas of interest.

Here are some work in progress screenshots of the environment currently. I’m still working on the other environment effects and placing more models. The trees were created with Speedtree and the textures are placeholder. The grass I created in Maya, using this method, and I plan to add more variation.



The grass shot. This was created before I was finished greyboxing the area and no fog effects are added.




Post process fog effects added. First pass at god rays from the first two thumbnails.





Another camera angle.



A pathway to another area of the map.



A rough block in of the waterfall area.

I’ll update in a week or so with more progress shots.

Some photo reference I took for this project: