Maya Fluid Smoke Sims

Hello! I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve mainly been busy with work, raising mischievous cats, and general life stuff. I have been doing some experimentation on rendered fluid simulations. I’ve been trying out Maya and Houdini. Below is a simple Maya experiment.

Here are a few of my playblast tests to work out the settings I want. I originally was going for cigarette smoke, but ended up with non-specific wispy smoke contained to box of the screen boundaries.

My final render was done with Arnold and I composited it into After Effects, adding some color and overlay changes as well as a little bit of motion blur.

It’s not at the detail I wanted, but these are mainly just experiments for now. I’m going to use Houdini next time.

Physics Simulation

The goal was to simulate physics using three methods. I chose: 1) Simulation (created in Maya) baked to joints. 2) Real time physics done with Unreal, and 3) Alembic/geo-caching from Maya).

I also created a version of the pillar using Unreal’s fracture option for the destructible mesh object to test as many pillars as I could simulating in one scene.