Maya Fluid Smoke Sims

Hello! I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve mainly been busy with work, raising mischievous cats, and general life stuff. I have been doing some experimentation on rendered fluid simulations. I’ve been trying out Maya and Houdini. Below is a simple Maya experiment.

Here are a few of my playblast tests to work out the settings I want. I originally was going for cigarette smoke, but ended up with non-specific wispy smoke contained to box of the screen boundaries.

My final render was done with Arnold and I composited it into After Effects, adding some color and overlay changes as well as a little bit of motion blur.

It’s not at the detail I wanted, but these are mainly just experiments for now. I’m going to use Houdini next time.

VFX Practice: Explosion


I generated the smoke and noise textures using a smoke sim in Houdini. The texture is tinted red and orange with emissive in a material in order to make it appear as fire. The ground decal was done in photoshop. The rock debris from the explosion are also meshes that were generated in Houdini. The larger rocks on the ground are simply instances of a destructible mesh made out of a cylinder. The texture for the rock and everything else is from Unreal Engine’s standard assets.